Will Car Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

What starts as a mild storm can turn ugly quick. The question of whether the car insurance policy you have will cover storm damage is to be expected. Below are a few facts to consider before you experience damage to your vehicle from a serious storm.
Unpredictable Weather

Weather patterns seem to be getting less and less predictable every year. While the debate rages as to why this is happening, the answer does nothing to alleviate the worry of having serious damage occur to your vehicle. Take the time during calm weather periods to look at your current policy and see what coverage you already have.
Look Beyond the Basics

A basic liability car insurance policy will make your vehicle legal to operate on the road, but it will not cover the costs of repairing or replacing a vehicle with serious storm damage. Basic policies are designed to cover property, medical and vehicle damage done to another vehicle when you are at fault. You will need to consider adding additional coverage to protect your vehicle from damage.
Consider the Age of the Vehicle

The age and condition of your vehicle should figure in on the decision to get added coverage. The increase in monthly premiums might not be worth it if there is very little to recoup in value. You might be better off placing those funds into an interest bearing account and save the money for a replacement vehicle.
Keep the Garage Handy

Stay weather-aware and put the car in the garage when there are warnings. it is a myth that cars must be left in the open for the insurance policy to cover damages. An existing car insurance policy will cover the vehicle whether it is in the garage, on the driveway or being driven on the street. It simply makes sense to protect your car as much as possible from getting damaged.
All About Timing

Hurricane season is roughly six months of the year in the state of Florida. Although it has been some time since the last serious storm hit, there is always the possibility of tropical systems kicking up enough wind, rain, and hail to damage your vehicle. It is too late to get or change coverage once a storm warning is issued. Make sure you add the coverage you need before a storm sets sights on your area.

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