Hot Tips to Save Money on Life’s Many Necessities

Wanting to save money is not a sign that you are encroaching on the poverty line. Saving money is a good practice for everyone, at any age. There are lots of methods folks can use to save money, but some are more painful than others. I don’t recommend coupon clipping or things of that nature because it breeds an obsessive relation to money that should be avoided. Money should not be worried about so much. However, there are a few simple practices that can save you some cash on life’s many necessities. Removing the necessity is not the answer, since it’s necessary! But spend as little as possible, and see your quality of life increase.

1. Shopping for Cars Online


The idea of shopping for something that you have to get inside, physically, seems counter productive at first, but it’s anything but. The trick is to get yourself informed from your home computer so that when you do go in to the dealer (because I don’t recommend buying a car on eBay!), you’ll know the questions you need to ask. From a website like, you can find all about the cars, what size engine they have, how many previous owners, what colors are available, what options are available or have to be added on. You can also easily browse through car styles so you have a good idea of what you’re looking for when you start seeing them in real life. A few hours or days on could help you drive away from the dealer with a new ride on your first trip there!

2. Store Brand Medicine


There are certain things in life that are worth spending the extra money on to get the name brand. Like soda for example, you will be disappointed with a store brand cola and wish you’d spend the few extra cents to get that familiar Coca Cola. Clothing from a good company will last longer and can justify the price since the cheaper knock offs will leave you with holes where you don’t want holes, and busted seems too soon into the life of the garment. However, things like store brand medications are often absolutely no different from the name brand. Store brands often match the color scheme of the name brand, like with NyQuil and Sudafed. If you look at the ingredients, they are exactly he same as the no-brand version. Ibuprofen is ibuprofen, so don’t waste money buying Advil. Who are you trying to impress?

3. Buy in Bulk

Some people balk at the idea of having to pay a fee to join a retailer like BJ’s or Costco, and will ill-advisedly pass on membership and keep buying a few rolls of toilet paper at a time at the local 99c store. That is short sighted and will not be a great move for your financial well being going forward. It’s easily worth the membership fee to get 100’s of rolls of toilet paper at once, or other large food items that you can easily buy in bulk and not think about needing to re-supply for the better part of the year. If you keep a spreadsheet to help keep your budget, you will easily see, after a year of this mindset, that you’ve spent less on household items than you have in previous years.

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